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Coffee House! (Ella Cafe)

Coffee House! (Ella Cafe)

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Our most recent visit was a small coffee house in Plantation, Florida! It was a great experience. I’ve actually been here a couple of times as it’s near my mom’s doctor. Overall, I give it:

Food – 8 – Food is healthy and taste great! The pizza I ordered today was a little stale though. They do have blueberry and zucchini muffins that are amazing! The strawberry smoothie my daughter had today was also very yummy!

Drinks – 9 – My coffee has been great. They make hearts and leaves as designs 🙂 You can taste the nice caramel in the Caramel Latte I get. They have special flavors as well! My mom got the Tiramisu flavor (pictured below)

Ambiance – 10 – Very inviting; nice decor (love the vines on the wall) , piano and beautiful music (haven’t caught the live music yet), and great lighting. Very inviting and relaxing

Staff – 10 – very helpful and organized

Look out for more reviews!